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rock me mama, like a waterwheel

Updated: Mar 24

“They’re packed in tight. There are more prawns than water in the lake at the moment.” Prawners were out in force on Saturday night at Lake Tyers. Their torches whirling in the darkness made for a carnival of lights across the lake. Packed in tighter still were the 350 Paul Kelly fans who blew the roof off the Waterwheel Tavern singing along to the Australian music legend‘s set of bone fide belters. It was the songs, it was the band, it was the ebullient Vicka & Linda, it was the singing at the top of your lungs in a room full of revellers, it felt Australian and oh so wonderfully human after 2 years of inhuman distance. A crowd full of half-cut Gippslanders is a wild beast to tame believe you me, but he did so with charm, swagger and great affection for us roughshod rubes who so appreciated his passage in our parts. Class act all the way. I had the pleasure of opening up the show, something I'd never dreamed I’d ever get to do, let alone on home soil. And so with a bag full of fresh prawns, and a swag of great music rattling around my head, I say to you Gippsland, well played. From little things big things really do grow.

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