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no snake in the tree

Updated: Feb 15

after much ado, no snake in the tree is finally released! After my second album life b4 the 3rd world war was shelved back in 2017, I found my way back home to Gippsland via Nashville with 3 goals: (i) become a better player (ii) learn to produce my own stuff (iii) learn how to paint. I spent a couple of years in solitude working on these endeavours during a period sardonically referred to by friends as my desert bird years. The desert bird project didn't eventuate the way I had intended though the work has manifested in many other projects including Desert Alien Band and especially no snake in the tree. I am proud of this record, it is very vividly a time and place in my life. Like new growth after a bushfire, this album is a rebirth.

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